The Canticle of the Black Madonna

A new opera in two acts

By Ethan Gans-Morse &
Tiziana DellaRovere

National Opera Association Featured Article

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Recently, The Canticle of the Black Madonna composer Ethan Gans-Morse was interviewed by Ruth Dobson, the editor of The Sacred in Opera Newsletter—a publication of the National Opera Association. This nationally-distributed newsletter features articles exploring the sacred aspect of both historical and contemporary operas as well as interviews with the musicians, composers and producers creating them.

In December’s newsletter, Ethan talked about the sacred themes of the The Canticle of the Black Madonna and how they contribute to the powerful healing that both veterans and civilians have undergone upon experiencing it. The interview covers everything from the opera’s origins, PTSD and healing, elements of the sacred oratorio and Jungian psychodrama themes.

The Sacred in Opera Newsletter article is a perfect overview of The Canticle of the Black Madonna for the curious or those wanting to learn more about the opera itself. You can read Ethan’s interview and learn more here:

Read the article

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