The Canticle of the Black Madonna

A new opera in two acts

By Ethan Gans-Morse &
Tiziana DellaRovere

A Warm Reception at CMAC in Vancouver

Posted on Jan 30, 2014 | 0 comments


The C.M.A.C. hosting a Veterans Day Parade

Anima Mundi Productions’ very own Director of Development and Outreach, Monique Dupre, shares her recent experiences of being invited by the Community Military Appreciation Committee to share information about the many direct services we are offering the Portland/Vancouver veteran community. 

When I pulled into the crowded parking lot on a frosty morning I knew I was in the right place by the bumper stickers I saw on the cars. Just about every branch of the military was represented on those colorful stickers.

It was my first time at the Community Military Appreciation Committee meeting in Vancouver, WA. It was about 8:30 am when I walked into a large room that was quickly filling up. The crowd was mostly veterans and I could tell by the friendly banter that they were a tight-knit group.

I went up to someone who looked like he was in charge, (which he was). He had not received the memo that I was coming but it was no problem, they fit me and Miah, our Veteran Service Coordinator, into the meeting agenda. It is a two-hour meeting that includes short presentations and discussion about upcoming veteran related events (which are not lacking in Vancouver).

Miah and I had three minutes each to tell this group (which by now was at last 50 people) about the powerful, healing effect of this unique opera and the other free services we are providing for veterans. They were captivated by what we shared with them, especially when Miah was speaking about his military activities.

I was very impressed with the incredibly positive energy in the room. This group has one focus; honoring veterans and their families and they do it with immense humility and joy.

I hope to see them all on Sept. 4th at the free showing of the The Canticle of the Black Madonna for veterans and their families.

Monique Dupre is the Director of Development and Outreach for Anima Mundi Productions.